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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning


The traditional way of learning was to learn on the workstations and spend some time at one place, the new trend is to access it through mobile devices and learn on-the-go. Our team at Aureliant understands these interesting learning trends and have adapted them to create the learning solutions. We use modernized instructional and visual design and the characteristics of mobile devices to make the content crisp and precise.


Mobile Learning proves effective as an ‘on the spot’ training or ‘Just in time’ training for the workforce. aureliant works with the clients to understand their need to either develop and deploy a holistic learning for the mobile device or a support to their existing training program and devise the solutions accordingly.

We analyze the project requirement and design the content to make it mobile.

We identify the client’s technical environment and devise the solution.

We respect client’s timeline and budgets and support them with the best quality solution.

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