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Rapid Development

Rapid Development


At aureliant, we believe that effective knowledge can be imparted to learners without it being way too elaborative. We also believe that a combination of correct learning strategy and set of simple elements can prove to be an efficient and immersive way of learning. We have learned with our experience, that rapid eLearning can be a cost-effective and convenient replacement of classroom training. The authoring tools provide us the capability to develop simple and engaging learning with quick turnaround time.

Rapid development plays a very important role when the content is small and expected to change soon or has a smaller shelf life. At aureliant we work with the clients to identify the most important training pieces in the organization and design them in a way that can be incorporated using the pre-existing templates in the authoring tools for a quick turnaround and a cost-effective solution.

We analyze the project requirement, content, the timelines and urgency of the project and its readiness for the rapid development.

We identify the best possible authoring tool that meets the project requirement and would work best in client’s technical environment.

We work with the best available templates or modify the existing templates to suit the content requirement.

We respect client’s timeline and budgets and support them with the best quality solution.

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