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Meet The Team


At the center of aureliant is a group of creative people who know their business and work with their clients to deliver not only learning but an experience. Each member of our team comes from a strong hands-on experience of 15+ years and are held together with a strong management group.


At aureliant, we believe that people who care can deliver. We closely work with our clients to understand their learning and development requirement and propose the solutions as per the needs. We understand the industry we work in very well and make sure that all the proposed learning solutions that we design are creative, engaging, relevant and cost-effective.


Instructional Design Team


The clients ask “Can you create …..” and here is where our instructional designers come in. Our group of instructional designers understand how a human being learns and what should be done to impart the piece of learning effectively. The instructional designers systematically collect, process and analyze data and design a learning solution that is effective and resourceful.


Visual Design Team

A picture is worth a thousand words! 

Our team of visualizers also believe in the saying. This team ensures that the content is visually presented in a way that adds on to the learning and sometimes works as the content itself. This group studies the client’s branding guidelines closely and uses the principles of UI and design to make the learning usable, responsive and accessible.


Programming and Technical Team


Technology is the backbone of a company’s anatomy. The technology team at aureliant studies the client's technical infrastructure, does feasibility analysis and uses the appropriate technology/platform for the training program accordingly. The team also works closely with the client to understand their development and deployment platform and propose solutions that reach all the learners in the way that is most efficient.


Quality Assurance Team


If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success. ‘ - Malcom

At aureliant, we also believe that for the training program to be successful, there needs to be critics. This is where our team of testers play a very important role. The team of testers work closely with all the groups right from the initiation to the end of the project lifecycle to make sure that nothing is missed. They work as a client for our internal team and ensure that we deliver an excellent product at the end to our clients.

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